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Flat roof:

Are you tired of that leaky commercial rubber roof?  Fasteners backing out, seams spliting and shrinking membranes. Seal your old rubber, tar, TPO, metal or PVC membrane with a  seamlees layer of polyurethane foam.  Spray foam roofs come with a 15-20 year warranty. Say Goodbye to Failing  Single-Ply Seams.  Spray Foam has Zero Seams.

Metal roof :

metal roof

Metal roofs are known for long-wear and trouble-free maintenance.  But over time metal roof assemblies can break down and ultimately fail.  The Ultimate Solution to your failed metal roofing system is an Energy Shield Spray Foam roofing System.  Attractive, tough, lightweight  and seamless spray foam will lock those loose panel and screws in place. Spray foam has an extremely high R-factor and will significantly reduce heat-loss, condensation and ice-dams.

What makes the system work so well?  It’s a  three-layer approach to roof protection. The first layer is an insulating blanket of rigid polyurethane foam, which is sprayed applied to the roof surface.  Two durable and weatherproof coats of protective elastomeric coating are applied over the polyurethane foam to provide long-term leak free service.

Spray Foam Roofing:

flat roof sealed

Spray Foam (SPF) is a fluid when applied, and offers 100% adhesion without fasteners.  It can be installed over concrete, wood, steel, and most existing roof systems, which saves on the  expense of an unnecessary roof removal and landfill fees. An experienced Spray Foam Roofing Applicator can spray apply a tapered roof system with the foam, which eliminates the need for costly tapered insulation systems. The cants and vertical wall terminations are also spray applied, making them an integral part of the roof system and minimizing additional component costs.

Spray Foam roofing offers these important benefits:




Foam roofing systems are the ultimate solution to fixing your existing commercial roof.  Restore and protect your existing roof with energy-efficient, low maintenance Spray Polyurethane Foam and Coatings. Simply put, spray foam roofing is the best!  Tough and flexisble, spray foam offers a huge pay back in energy savings. Spray foam roofing has been tested and can handle the extreme weather.  SPF systems can be applied to virtually any commercial roofing surface. Sloped Metal, EPDM rubber membrane, Tar roofs, wood, glass and tile are all suitable substrates to apply spray foam.

Why replace your commercial roofing system when you can recover your existing roof with an energy saving spray foam roofing system.