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HVAC Ductwork


Increase HVAC efficiency with duct insulation wrap

Modern heating and cooling systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency, but the duct work that transports the hot or cool air has not been updated for years. Metal ducts provide no insulation value for conditioned air between your HVAC system and the room that it empties into. As air travels from the HVAC unit through the ducts some of it escapes through poorly sealed joints. Secondly, the conditioned air begins to lose its temperature – especially on longer runs of duct. The result of these two situations is lowered HVAC efficiency and higher utility bills.

Insulating your home or buildings duct work with reflective bubble insulation increases the efficiency of your HVAC system. Air Duct Insulation Wrap provides up to R-8 Value by reflecting radiant heat and convective heat. And by using foil tape around duct seams you will prevent leaks that add to the inefficiency of metal duct work.



Benefits of Foil Air Duct Insulation

Added R-Value per application method: